The starch industry has specific filtration needs. During the different production processes the starch is extracted and refined from staple foods such as potatoes, rice, wheat, cassava or corn. During the extraction of the starch, water is added to the process. In the next stages of the process the starch is dried through numerous filtration processes, such as filtration screens, filter presses and centrifuges. We supply these screens and baskets for the starch industry. With our technology we provide numerous advantages over wire mesh, perforated plates and wedge wire.

Hygiene - Most filtration elements use a support construction to strengthen their element. This construction is often the source of bacterial growth and will accumulate filth over time (despite back-flush or scraper technology). All our elements are made from a single sheet of metal, without the use of a support construction, thus eliminating the chance for bacteria to grow or filth to accumulate.

High open area - We can cut our slots closer to each other because we bring minimum force and heat into our material. This way we create an high open area compared to other production methods such as punching, laser cutting or wedge wire. Thus more filtration (and production) capacity with the same equipment.

Long life time - The elements are robust, self cleaning and without a welded construction. This is why our elements achieve longer service life time compared to similar filtration products.  

Excellent cleaning properties - Because we make conical perforations in the metal sheets, the contamination will not get stuck in the metal sheet. It will either be retained at the surface or pass through. Furthermore, our elements have a smooth surface for back-flush and scraper self-cleaning systems.