Welcome at Taper Technologies B.V.

Taper Technologies is the specialist when it comes to high accurate conical perforations in metal sheets. This production process is the result of years of research and development, during which we have created a constant, repeatable and accurate process. With high pressure, focused water beams we are now able to make fine conical perforations, whilst creating a large open surface area. These features are especially useful in the filtration, separation and fluidized bed application. The sheets can be made to any size and shape depending on the application and customers wishes.  

Together with our knowledge and experience of your applications, we can assist from determining the problem to supplying and installing the product by our own engineers.

As a specialist in the industry we know all about service:

- Available 24 hours a day, 7 day’s per week
- Short delivery time due to
    - Large stock on two locations
    - Flexible production units (products can de produced over night)
    - Delivery in Europe within 48 hours  
- Product and process optimalization 
- Co-engineering and Co-makership
- Traceability of product (documentation) and order (status)